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13. September 2023


TRAINER:INTerence Mickey

Workshop: Leadership Storytelling (in english)

Learn how to leverage storytelling as a leader.

How do stories help leaders persuade, manage change, communicate a strategic vision and transform complex ideas into inspiring calls to action? We will learn the art of storytelling as an executive tool and you’ll leave with a new understanding of yourself as a leader. 





650 EUR zzgl. MwSt.

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As a leader, your story is the most compelling tool to persuade, manage change, communicate your vision, and to transform complex ideas into inspiring calls to action. With 20 years experience as an executive leadership coach, Terence Mickey has worked with Fortune 100 companies to develop their leaders into master storytellers. “As a coach, he meets leaders where they are, quickly identifies opportunities for growth and then pushes them to their edge and beyond with discipline, empathy, and support,” says Linda Knox, former Experience Officer and VP, Sales and Leadership Development at Prudential.


For whom

Leaders and Employees in Corporate Communication or in Communication Agencies


This workshop is designed for leaders who want to become better communicators and leverage their personal experience as a management tool to navigate change, increase sales and inspire innovation and collaboration within their organizations. You will learn storytelling methods and strategies to mine your own experience for the purpose of connecting with employees, customers and media.



Trust, connection, clarity and inspiration are the hallmarks of a good relationship between a leader and their audiences. Stories are the most powerful way to establish these critical attributes in your communication as a leader. Finding your stories helps you understand yourself as a leader, and if your team, customers, and the public  understand you better through your stories, you give them more ways to build bridges with you, leading to greater trust and opportunities for change and growth. Storytelling is a flexible tool that allows you to convey lessons, instill your organization’s values, and acknowledge your team’s contributions.

The Process

We will work together for an intensive day. You will learn the methods and strategies for leadership storytelling, and you will have an opportunity to share a story and receive detailed feedback.



  • The 7 Steps of Crafting and Telling a Leadership Story
  • Storytelling Strategy: When to tell what story and how
  • Choosing the right medium for your Leadership Story
  • Performance tips for live storytelling
  • Listening to and knowing your audience
  • Transforming data-points into compelling emotion
  • Integrating facts with emotions
  • Narrative structures and how they work
  • Crafting your Call-to-Action
  • Building a Leadership Story Library


  • We offer you a full-day intensive and interactive training form 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • We´ll learn the building blocks of Leadership Storytelling and its various applications
  • We will practice the art by having each participant craft and share a story
  • Detailed feedback will be provided for each story
  • After the workshop, you will receive supplementary material and one-on-one coaching well be available for an extra fee.
  • The exact training location (city center and easily accessible) will be announced later.