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Terence Mickey
“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou
storytelling workshops and coaching, leadership communication and development, change management, organizational culture, brand story development and alignment, and sales training
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training, coaching, consulting, speaking engagements

About Terence

Terence Mickey is a dynamic speaker and insightful leader who specializes in the art of storytelling for leaders and organizations.

With a focus on narrative structure and an excavating process of active listening, Terence aligns each client’s purpose with a highly effective communication strategy.

He has presented internationally at Prudential’s Top of the Rock Summit, Marsh’s Global Executive Conference, Discovery Channel’s Creative Speaker’s Series, and Knowledgent’s Innovation Conference.

His methodology helps brands avoid abstractions, authentically connect to audiences, simplify complex ideas and inspire action. He has created storytelling training for leadership, sales and legal teams, human resource departments, new product developers and researchers for Fortune 500 companies as diverse as Proctor and Gamble, Google, Nike, Ford, Cigna, MassMutual, Novo Nordisk, Chanel, and Vanguard, among others. 

Terences focuses on impact and sustainability, to ensure individuals and organizations adopt the daily practice of storytelling to achieve success and see results not only with metrics but in the quality of their relationships. 


English (native speaker)

Others about Terence:

“Terence is excellent at teaching business professionals how to turn their data points into stories. Rather than creating the message for you, he leads you to it with the right questions and insights,” Greg Kueterman, Senior Director of Communications at Eli Lilly and Company. 

“Terence possesses a phenomenal understanding of how storytelling can help persuade people to not only see an abstract idea but create the desire in an audience to make that idea a reality,” Christina Mott, Chief Operating Officer at Marsh and McLennan Agency.

“His presentation illuminated the building blocks of storytelling and inspired our executive leadership to transform our brand, customer experience, and sales pitches,” Linda S. Knox, Head of Sales Training at Prudential. 

“Terence is electric on stage and inspires everyone to find the story they connect with to share with their audiences. I used his expertise when I worked as a marketing executive at MassMutual Financial Group. We organized a multi-city tour to train over 80 sales leaders in the art of storytelling,” Steven Jackson, former Chief Creative Director at MassMutual Financial Group. 

“Thank you for the incredible storytelling session at our off-site. It’s amazing to see the impact here already,” Bill McNabb, former CEO of Vanguard.

Susanne about Terence:

As a real good storyteller Terence is at first a brillant listener: I am so proud and happy to have him in our team, because he really understands people’s needs and always asks the right questions, to get very deep into the topic.


Having worked for many years at the Moth an international storytelling organization based in New York City, Terence mastered the principles of narrative to help Fortune 100 companies and leaders communicate, connect and innovate. Terence developed MSL Group’s Evoke Conversational Storytelling product, which won the Silver Project Isaac Invention Award in the PR Invention category and helps traditional B2B and financial service organizations reframe their communication and sales efforts with storytelling techniques. He’s created podcasts featured in The Guardian and Wired Magazine as well as co-directed a feature length documentary. He’s coached individuals to craft and present TED talks. He graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a Masters in Fine Arts.