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23. Oktober 2023


TRAINER:INTerence Mickey

Workshop: Story-Selling (in english)

Learn how to leverage storytelling as a leader.

How do you emotionally connect with your audiences and persuade them to see your idea, product or business opportunity not only as relevant to their lives but essential? Learn how to transform your pitch deck, sales training, or customer experience with story-selling.





650 EUR zzgl. MwSt.

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123.5 EUR)
= 773.5 EUR inklusive MwSt.

Sales is a conversation. You’re not imparting information but building trust, developing a relationship and sharing a common interest: your audience’s needs. Story-selling is a proven way to establish a relationship with your audience and show how your services, products or pitch can impact them. With 20 years experience training sales teams to learn the art of story-selling, Terence Mickey will help you connect with your clients and expand your business. “When I was the head of sales training at Prudential, Terence’s presentation illuminated the building blocks of storytelling and inspired our executive leadership to transform our brand, customer experience, and sales pitches. He has a gift for finding the human aspects often hidden in corporate messaging to make it relatable and emotional. He’s a natural leader, with tremendous insight into how we communicate and create a dialogue instead of simply sell. He’s an exceptional teacher and helps everyone see the benefits of how a storytelling strategy will help grow business,” says Linda Knox, former Experience Officer and VP, Sales and Leadership Development at Prudential.


For whom

Sales People, entrepreneurs, project leaders and anyone who wants to pitch an idea or product


This workshop is designed for anyone who has an idea to pitch, a product to sell or a service to differentiate. Don’t get lost in the weeds or be cursed by your own knowledge. Find the simplest and clearest story to sell your concept to various audiences that not only resonates with them but connects them to you on an authentic and emotional level.



The workshop will provide you with concrete tools to transform your sales pitch and communication.

“When I was Global Head of Innovation at Marsh & McLennan Companies, Terence developed and led two 4-hour strategy sessions to help my teams present to an executive committee for funding. Terence possesses a phenomenal understanding of how storytelling can help persuade people to not only see an abstract idea but create the desire in an audience to make that idea a reality. We focused on editing the presentation down to only what the audience needed to know, and a strategy for persuading them to see both the value of the business idea and to envision the potential if they decided to execute. We recorded the final presentation after the session, and the difference was staggering,” says Christina Mott, Chief Operating Officer at Marsh & McLennan Agency.

The Process

We will work together for an intensive and active day. You will learn how to transform your complex idea, your list of features and benefits, your sales pitch into a conversation. After learning the Story-Selling method, you will have an opportunity to put into practice what you’ve learned and receive feedback.



  • The 7 Steps of Crafting and Telling a Sales Story

  • Finding the stakes for your audiences

  • Strategy: When to tell what story and how

  • Choosing the right medium for your Sales Story

  • How to pitch

  • Listening to and Knowing your Audience

  • Transforming data-points

  • Integrating facts with Emotions

  • Narrative Structures and How they Work

  • Crafting your Call to Action

  • Sustaining the follow up conversation



  • We offer you a full-day intensive and interactive training form 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • We’ll learn the building blocks of Story-selling and its various applications.

  • We will practice the art by having each participant craft and share a story.

  • Detailed feedback will be provided for each story.

  • After the workshop, you will receive supplementary material and one-on-one coaching will be available for an extra fee.